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The Document Verification Service (DVS) confirms that the details on an evidence of identity document match records held by the government authority that issued it.

The DVS checks if the details are still valid and not expired or cancelled.

The DVS does not:

make a decision on a person’s identity

provide access to an issuer’s database.

verify the authenticity of physical documents

verify identities of clients presenting those documents

verify documents for individuals—only approved organizations can use the DVS.

Within seconds, the DVS can validate documents and credentials issued by Government, state and territory government agencies.

The Document Verification Service (DVS) is a national online system that allows organizations to compare a customer's identifying information with a government record.

The DVS is a secure system that operates 24/7 and matches key details contained on issued identifying credentials, providing a 'yes' or 'no' answer within seconds.

The DVS helps organizations build greater confidence in the identities of their clients. This helps protect governments, businesses and private jobs from identity crime.

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